Bee Gees Tribute Act

3ee Gees 2 RED

Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb – better known as the Bee Gees, are among the most successful vocal groups in history having sold more than 200 million albums to date.

The 3ee Gees un-cannily re-create ‘The Look’, ‘The Sound’, and ’The Excitement’ of this classic British Pop Group.

Performing all the classic Number One hits such as ‘You Should Be Dancing’, ‘Stayin Alive’, ‘Night Fever’, ‘Too Much Heaven’, ‘Tragedy’ and ‘Jive Talkin’…and many, many more…

bee gees

Our very own Brothers Gibb bring a welcomed breath of fresh air to the Bee Gees Tribute scene. Each member studying their characters every move and sweet falsetto harmony!

The show has fully computer programmed lighting to give each massive song that stadium concert ‘feel’!

This isn’t just “another” Bee Gees Tribute…. This is… THE 3EE GEES!!

Too Much Heaven

Repertoire List
1 – You Should Be Dancing
2 – Massachusetts
3 – How Deep Is Your Love
4 – Jive Talkin
5 – If I Can’t Have You
6 – Words
7 – Don’t Throw It All Away (our love)
8 – New York Mining Disaster / Islands In The Stream / Heartbreaker
9 – Chain Reaction
10 – Night Fever
11 – More Than A Woman
12 – Too Much Heaven
13 – Grease
14 – Tragedy
15 – Stayin Alive.