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Soul Fly

Soul Fly founded 10 years ago and offering an astoundingly wide repertoire of popular music from the 50’s to the present day. They have not only the songs but the professional experience to get any party started.

The exceptionally talented seven piece band have, over the years together and individually, played with and for the great and the good, sharing stages and recording studious with such luminaries as Tori Amos, Jamiroquai, Tom Jones and many more.

You’re Too Good Too Be True

Dancing In The Street

Let Me Entertain You

Walking On Sunshine

Never Can Tell

Disco Inferno

Go My Way

Le Freak


Soul Fly are now ready to bring this breadth of professional experience and awesome musical ability to your wedding or function. They know how to create an atmosphere entirely appropriate to each occasion and evince a true enjoyment of what they do that is necessarily infectious. Finding the right entertainment for your wedding or any private or corporate function can be the deciding factor in making your event a success.

It’s Time To Get ‘Soul Fly’

Client Comment
Could you please pass on my thanks to the members of Soulfly who performed very well at the party on Saturday night and went done very well with all the guests.

Best wishes
Cathryn Lloyd

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  1. Hello,
    Will you be available on Aug. 11 for a wedding in the evening? It will be at Coworth Park.
    PLease let me know.
    Thank you,

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