Meng’s Oriental Arts – Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony - 'Infinite Beauty' from Music for London on Vimeo.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Conductor

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Chinese Tea Ceremony – Meng’s Oriental Arts is a UK-based organisation for people who love Chinese dance, Chinese culture, the Mandarin language, and all aspects of Chinese arts.

They offer regular Chinese dance classes in London and Cambridge while also delivering Chinese arts workshops, Chinese Tea Ceremony Events and corporate events throughout the UK.

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Students of Meng’s Oriental Arts are trained to perform Chinese classical dances such as Ribbon and Fan dance, Handkerchief dance, Mongolian dance, Tibetan dance, and Peacock dance.

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Meng is specialise in:

Chinese Dance;
Fan Dance, Ribbon Dance, Handkerchief Dance

Traditional Japanese Dance
Tea Ceremony
Chinese Mandarin Lessons
Singing Classes

If you or your children have an interest in Chinese dance and arts, this is the right organisation for you!

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