Julian Magician Extraordinaire!

Over 20 years of performing experience, combined with a host of outstanding and remarkable abilities and the power to engender an intriguing ambience of mystery, are the special ingredients of Julian, who is the quintessence of a true magician.

The power of Julian’s magic is such that you will not only encounter feelings of fascination, amazement and intrigue, you will been taken on a staggering journey to the edge of your conceptual reality and drop head-first into magnificent compelling worlds of chaotic wonder and enchanting perplexity, deepening your capacity to experience profound states of astonishment.

Julian is indeed a man with a fascinating background and diverse breadth of experience which culminates to form the deep and captivating ‘Magical Intensity’ that characterizes his powerful form of magical art.

Through the exquisiteness of Julian’s artful delivery, you will be delighted, charmed and inspired by the professional and mysterious personality that graces your eyes.

Client Comments
Julian was one of the best features of our party! His magic was flawless, he’s got a fantastic look and our guests were more than complimentary. I had several people come up to me to tell me just how much they enjoyed Julian, so I’m thrilled with how it all went. I’d highly recommend Julian to anyone”

An unbelievable magician and fantastic entertainer…enjoyed by everyone

I have included Julian as part of our entertainments program for a number of years, his exclusive talents are always tremendously received by everyone. Julian’s professional approach would perfectly suit any corporate event. A fantastic entertainer who has my highest recommendation.

At the official launch of our new Lotus Julian was fantastic, he flowed with the clients and made everyone feel welcome and comfortable!

Julian really made the difference to our company event, the atmosphere was amazing!