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Ghanaian Master Drummers

Ghananian Master Drummers






The Ghananian Master Drummer African drumming  are made out of Ghanaian drummers, dancers and singers . Ideal for festivals, carnivals, street performances or private parties, they can adapt to most performance environments, breaking down the barriers between audience and performers by encouraging the active participation of audiences, whether on the drums, chanting or dancing,  the energy and personality of their performance is matched only by the technical quality of their musicianship and the charm of their songs, as experienced by numerous delighted audiences.


Their music combines traditional drumming grooves played on a wide variety of West African drums with melodies from bamboo flutes, xylophone and traditional chants sung in six part harmony, which is unique to most dance-led traditional African groups. The Dancers perform a variety of dances from their own Ga tradition as well as from those of other West African tribes. The group work best in venues where the audience are able to dance, with the performers leading the audience in a series of traditional African dance moves, breaking down the barriers between audience and performers towards a more participatory, communal celebration.

The drummers available to perform as a 4 member group, ideal for schools or small events, as a 6 or 8 member group for smaller or medium sized venues through to the full 12 member group.









Client Review

Morning Rosa,

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the guys for an amazing performance! Everyone absolutely loved them.

I was a bit frantic all evening so didn’t get to thank them properly, please send them my sincere thanks and compliments. They were brilliant and we’ll definitely book them again if another opportunity comes up.

Warm wishes,


Hi Titus,

It went really well and everyone loved the band, they were fantastic!



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African Themed Entertainment
Ghanaian Master Drummers
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  1. Dear Sir/madam

    At Woburn Safari park, we are holding two evening safari events. as we have a very strong Africa theme here, it would be great to have African Dancing/performers as part of this. the dates are 14th July and 4th August. We would be looking for some sort of performance around 7pm (although exact times to be confirmed). I was wondering if this would be something that you would be interested in and if so, what sort of costs would be involved.

    Many thanks and best wishes

    Adele Clegg

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