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Ceilidh Band in London

The Sweets of May Ceilidh Band provide music for your whole event – as well as great dance sets, aimed at everyone from complete beginners to old hands, they take great pleasure in making sure there’s always something wonderful to listen to, from uplifting welcome music as guests arrive, relaxing interval music or something to send your guests away happy.

The main event is, of course, the dancing – they focus on one thing: everyone has a great time.

The Sweets of May Ceilidh Band perform tunes and dances from all over the British Isles, USA, France, Quebec, Sweden and beyond – they can also tailor the evening to suit your event – be that for example, Burns Night supper, Irish Céilí or American Hoedown or a total mix.

So, if you want a Jane Austen style welcome set, a couple of hours of full-on Irish céilí dancing, and a romantic French style send off, they’ll be delighted to oblige you. Rick their caller is highly adept at pitching the dance to the audience so whether your guests are experienced, reluctant or mad keen, rest assured we’ll get them up and they’ll be glad they did!


The Sweets of May Ceilidh Band are all highly proficient and experienced musicians with at least ten years’ experience of playing professionally for dancing. They play as a regular quartet but can scale the band where requested to duos or bring in additional instruments if desired to suit the scale of your venue or event.


Audio Samples


Devil Among The Tailors

Gay Gordons Set

Kerry Polka – Live


Sweets Of May Jigs



Repertoire List



Bridge of Athlone
Circassian Circle
Cumberland Square Eight
Lucky 7
Nine Pins
Patacake Polka
Quebecois reel
Square Dance
Strip the Willow
Swedish Masquerade
Thread the needle
Virginia Reel
Yarmouth Long Dance
Canadian Barndance
Highland Schottische
Sweets of May
Dashing White Sergeant
Gay Gordons


Popular dance tunes

Allexander- The Orcadia Jig – Paddy Carey’s Jig
Balquhidder Lasses – Flowers of Edinburgh – Iron Legs
Banish misfortune – Dusty Windowsills – Behind the Haystack
Banks and Braes- Arran Boat Song-The Dark Isle- Miss Rowan Davies
Blackberry Quadrille – Oyster Girl – Major Mackie’s
Blackthorn Stick – Shandon Bells – The Hundred Pipers
Boston Tea Party Set – Newmarket – Ballydesmond- Road to Boston – Goodbye Girls
I’m Going to Boston
Buttered Peas – Spanish Ladies – Girl with the blue dress on
Callum Beg – Reel of the 51st Division – St Anne’s Reel
Circassian set: Circassian Circle – Mason’s Apron -Inside Oot Fish Eater -Irish
Dashing White Sergeant Set – Snouts and Ears -Staten Island – Highland Laddie
Devil Among the Tailors – Soldiers Joy – Rakes of Mallow
Irish Slipjig set: Drops of Brandy – The Butterfly – Rocky Road to Dublin – Foxhunters
Eightsome Reel Set: Duke of Perth Reel – Fairy Dance-Big John McNeill-Staten
Island – Devil Among the Taylors
Father Kelly’s Reel – Silver Spire – Sally Gardens

Galop de Malbaie-Grande Chaine-Gaspe Reel
Gay Gordons Set: Scotland the Brave-Campbells Farewell-Gay Gordons-Barren
Rocks of Aden -Cock of the North
General Blakeney – I hope to Marry Charlie – Sir Roger de Coverley
Gooseberry Bush- The- Pleasures of Salisbury- Country Bumpkin
Hardiman the Fiddler – Peacock followed the Hen – Bishop of Chester’s
Harvest Home Hornpipe – Gypsy Hornpipe – Gilderoy
Haste to the Wedding – A Health to the Ladies – The Fiery Clock Face
I want to be near you
In a continental mood – Flatworld
Jenny Lind – Orlando’s Return -Polka De L’Aveyron
Juniper Hill – Queen of Hearts in D – La Perrier
Three Kerry Polkas
The Kesh Jig – Lannigan’s Ball- Calliope House
Lass O’ Patie’s Mill- The -Mrs Macleod’s Reel – Seventy Second’s Farewell to
Strathspey set: Linnea’s -Miss Lyall’s -Jessie Smith
Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife – Cook in the Kitchen – Blarney Pilgrim
Mrs Huddledee – Keel Row – Orange and Blue
My love she’s but a lassie-Duke of Perth Reel – Atholl highlanders
Nancy Clough’s Reel – Atholl Highlanders
Oak Tree – Over the Moor to Maggie
Rakes of Kildare – Smash the Windows – Morrison’s jig
Recovery -Redowa- Polka du Pere Plumet
Roman Wall – Buxton Assembly – The Favourite Jigg
Saddle the pony – Tobins favourite – Stool of Repentence
Scottish Waltz Medley: Westphalia- Margaret’s Waltz-Southwest Wind)
The ship in Full Sail- The – Sixpenny Money – Mug of Brown Ale
Siege of Ennis- The – I’ll Tell me Ma – La Russe
Sliabh Luachra polkas – Maggie in the Wood- Dennis Murphy’s – John Ryan’s
Waltz set: Soraidh – South Winds – The Ruby
Sprig of Ivy-Will Atkinson-Flett from Flotta
Swedish Masquerade
Sweets of May- Dingle Regatta – Monaghan Jig
Three Sea Captains – Moon and Seven Stars – The Coleraine Jig
Tip Top Polka – Beatrice Hill’s Three Handed reel- Jack Robinson
Turkey in the Straw -Over the Waterfall – Waiting for the Federals
Une Autre Fois – Le Canal en Octobre
Upton on Severn Stick Dance- Off she Goes- Lilliburlero
Valiant – The – Morgan Rattler – A trip to the Lakes
Valse Clog from Quebec- Two
Westering Home – Margaret’s – Dancing in Kyle
Virginia reel set: Leather Britches- Cluck old Hen- Arkansas Traveller- Kitchen Girl


To the Sweets of May Ceilidh Band, I have had really positive feedback from everyone on how much they enjoyed the event,we are really pleased with how well it went. Thanks again to you and the rest of the band for an enjoyable evening!
–  Kind regards,Kendall Sumner AiM Ltd

To the Sweets of May Ceilidh Band,
Thank you so much for the amazing evening. The ceilidh was enjoyed by everyone and my legs are still aching! Very best wishes
– Wendy – 50th Birthday

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for playing at our anniversary party. It went really well and your band was a big part of that. The music was lovely and your people were really professional – sorry for the delay in getting into the venue, I hope it didn’t stress you all out?  Anyway, a big thank you from me and my husband – and do thank the lads and ladies in your band for making it a wonderful evening.
– Best wishes Jo and Paul


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